Benefits Of Solar Energy

Solar Benefits Us By Saving Society Billions Of Dollars.

Even long before society’s very existence is threatened by global warming, throughout the coming decades, global warming is projected to cost society billions of dollars if left unabated. Therefore, even ignoring the very long-term danger of societal destruction, combating global warming with solar power will very likely save society billions or even trillions of dollars.

Solar Helps To Decrease And Stop Global Warming.

Global warming threatens the survival of human society, in addition to the survival of countless species. Luckily, decades of research have resulted in efficient solar systems that produce electricity without creating global warming pollution. Solar power is now clearly one of the key options to the global warming crisis.

Solar Power Saves You Money.

Often right away. Installing solar panels on roofs is expected to save customer thousands of dollars. In the heavily populated states of Texas, California, and Florida, the projected savings were over $50,000. In the sunny but expensive paradise known as Hawaii, the proposed savings were near $65,000!

Solar Power Raises Home Value.

A typical solar system runs around $30,000 depending on how much of your utility bill you are trying to reduce. Many real estate websites estimate an 80-90 % home value increase over the purchase of your solar system, but reasonably you can expect a 40-50 % increase, like most home improvements. If you lease your solar system, your house will sell a lot faster. Wouldn’t you prefer to buy a home with a $150 solar lease payment compared to a $300 utility payment?

Solar Power Gives You Reliability.

The rising and setting of the sun are very consistent. If the sun doesn’t show up tomorrow we have much bigger issues. All throughout the world, we know exactly when it will rise and set every day of the year. Even though clouds may be a bit less foreseeable, we do also have fairly good seasonal and daily calculations for the volume of sunlight that will be received in different locations. Solar uses very similar farmer data that gives us trends of sunlight over 30-40 year duration. Overall, this makes solar power an incredibly dependable source of energy.

Solar Power Delivers Grid Independence.

In addition to the above reliability benefit, no one can go and buy the sun or transform sunlight into a monopoly. Merged with the simplicity of solar panels today, this also provides the notable solar power benefit of energy protection, something the US military has mentioned for years, and a major reason it is also putting a lot of its money into the development and installation of solar power systems.

Solar Power Provides Foreign Independence.

Similar to the solar energy boost, solar power gives the great advantage of energy independence. Once again, the “fuel” for solar panels can not be purchased or monopolized. It is free of cost for all to take advantage of. Once you have solar panels on your roof, you have a reliable individual source of electricity that is all yours. This is very important for individuals, but also for cities, counties, states, countries, and companies.

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